Weekend in Cuidad Guzman 8/2 to 8/1/13

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Untitled Anon

I used to think,
Loving life so greatly,
That to die would be
Like leaving a party
Before the end.
Now I know that the party
Is really happening
Somewhere else;
That the light and music,
Escaping in snatches
To make the pulse beat
And the tempo quicken,
Come from a long way
And I know too
That when I get there
The music will never

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I’m ready to step out,
Step out of this empty shell,
Into a shining robe;
Of pure white,
Of pure light.

I’m ready to step out,
Step out of a world of hate
Into Thy perfect love;
That holds me;
And enfolds me.

I’m ready to step out,
Step out of a life of strife
Into everlasting peace;
Being with Thee,
And being free.

This world holds much for me.
In the flesh
I would ever stay.

My love is a thing of wonder
And delight.

My friends
Fill life with meaning,
And joy.

My interests
Are many and varied,
And fun.

My blessings
Are heaped on my shoulders
And heart.

My Lord
Guides and protects me,
Gives love.

But Lord, I’m ready.

I’m ready to step out,
Step out of this so full life.

Into Thy loving arms;
They’re open wide,
For me inside.

by Bette Drummond, written before 1980

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Guadalajara Zoo by grandson, March 11, 2012

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Museum-Mayan Jade and Artifacts

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Patrick’s ranchito-citrus, bananas, pomegranates, remodeling, trees, flowers, Nov. 2011

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Explanation of slideshow regarding Pan American Games

Below is a slide show of photos I took during the Pan American Games, October 15-30. 2011.  When this explanation leaves the main page of this website, it will be separated from the slide show.  I did not attend any of the games, only watched them on TV, so the photos here show some of the beautification of the city of Guadalajara and some of the activities.  This explanation is for those of you who like to know exactly what you are seeing.

The beginning slide says Bienvendidos (Welcome).  When you see that slide you will know you are at the beginning.  After that, there are several photos taken along Chapultapec, a major street near my house that has a parkway down the center that held art, artisans, and promotional booths.  Within this group you will see two photos of balloons and two photos of the huge TV screens where the crowds could watch the Pan American games, plus many other beautiful things.  After that there are about seventeen photos of the Ethnic Arte area, beginning with two men in ethnic clothes.  Next is a photo of Hospicio Cabañas (top looks like a crown).  Later in the slide show you will see vendors, roping artists and folkloric dancers on the plaza and street in front of Hospicio Cabañas.  Next are three photos of some of the flags of the forty-two countries involved in the Pan American Games.  Following that are nine photos of various symbols of some of the sports in the Games.  The section of photos along Paseo Hospicio, in front of Hospicio Cabañas is eight photos of art and some of the crowds.  Then you will see twenty-two photos of folkloric dancers-both before their performance (and while eating lunch) and during the performance.  You will notice differences in the outfits.  This performance is made up of small groups from many towns in Jalisco (the state).  Then there is a photo of a folkloric symbol followed by five more photos of art and three of young boy roping artists. Three more art photos follow the roping.  There are five photos of street vendors’ wares, including a table of Tequila.  The two following photos are of the statue/fountain of the Phoenix, then a photo of the art piece of the tree that is a symbol of Guadalajara.  Since the games were just before Halloween (Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead on Nov. 2), you will see about six photos of skeletons.  Guadalajara is called the City of Roses, so there are many roses, about 4 or 5 feet by 4 or 5 feet.  There must be many more than the few photos I took as I think each on was representing one of the countries participating in the Games.  First you will see ten photos of the rose decorated by the Wixárica (Huichol) Indians, bead by tiny bead.  Everything represented by these beads is a traditional Wixárica symbol.  This rose was protected by a glass box, so you will see reflections.  The final nine photos are of other roses, and some show both front and back view.

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